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3 Sessions of Mentoring

A short burst of support to Remember your why, when and how.  Would you like some support around a specific area of your parenting? 

Weekly or fortnightly support to create some powerful shifts in your family. 

3 x 1 hr 1:1 Zoom Mentoring sessions 

1:1 Mentoring

A space to feel heard and deeply supported. Would you like to work on your practices and processes around reparenting yourself while also supporting your family? This is a powerful gift for your own personal growth and transforms families.

3 Months of Mentoring

Would you like to feel supported and deeply held in your parenting? This is for anyone who wishes to go deeper to reclaim their power and feel unconditional love and support. When we integrate our own stories and imprints we are then able to offer this to our children.  Transformation occurs when we are able to feel the deep shifts within ourselves and access our wisdom within.  Reclaim your true nature, feel deep love and stand in your power as a parent.

I am here to walk beside you. 


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