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Here I answer your most frequently asked body and parenting questions, and delve deeper into some of the topics we regularly discuss on social media. 


Take a listen to some of my guest podcast episodes alongside experienced and trusted parenting and wellness experts. 

Back again with Helena Mooney chatting about returning to school and how we can use play to listen and connect with our children and help them process any feelings they may be having returning or starting school.  I hope its helpful. Thank you for listening.

Here I chat with Helena Mooney from Parenting with Play another Parenting By Connection and Aware Parenting Instructor who lives in Sydney, Australia.  Helena has a beautiful informative podcast about how we can use Play to connect more deeply with our children.

Here I talk about the nervous system and recovering from stress and overwhelm. Thank you for listening. 

Nourishing the Mother Podcast is one I have listened to for a very long time.  Bridget Wood and Julie Tenner explore many topics around parenting and motherhood.  I had the chance to speak with them, along with the lovely Katie Parker a friend and postpartum expert, about our experience of miscarriage. This is a long and deep share and was so helpful for my healing.  I hope this brings you some comfort if you too have experienced loss.  Thank you for listening. 

What is aware parenting? How can I get my child to listen to me more? What’s with the “tantrums”? How can I bond better, or more, with my child? Why isn’t my child sleeping? I’m a new parent and I feel out of my depth, help! 


Can’t find the content you’re looking for? Use the search bar to quickly search all posts. Still not there? Please contact me with your topic ideas. I’d love to help.

Want to attend an in-person or online workshop to learn more about parenting?

Anna is a wonderful wealth of knowledge around birth and postpartum work. She provides support and advocated for mothers during the birthing year and beyond. I was lucky enough to talk with her about play and understanding how we can meet our everyday challenges such as toothbrushing and getting dressed using attachment play. We cover lots of different topics.  Thank you for listening.

In this podcast I chat with Marion Rose Ph.D, who has over 30 years experience working in the field of Mother-Child connection, developmental psychology, psychotherapy and conscious parenting.  She is a level 2 Aware Parenting Instructor and founder of the Marion Method Training, where she has developed her own practices and processes to help Parents reparent themselves alongside raising their children. We talk about combining my work as a Physiotherapist, CranioSacral Therapist with the Psychospiritual Parenting Paradigm. Thank you for listening.

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